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XpressNet LI101F Configuration Tool

LI101 Configuration Tool Image

The LI101 Configuration tool is used to configure the LI101F.

Starting at the top:

The First drop down box selects the address the device will use on the XpressNet. This address needs to be different than all other devices on your XpressNet.

The Second drop down box sets the LI101F port speed. This speed should match what you have used for the "Port Speed" setting in the JMRI Preferences Connections tab.


Starting on the left side of the pane, the button labeled "Read from LI101" will read the current settings of the LI101F.

The button labeled "Write to LI101" will write the settings on the screen to the LI101F. If you changed the LI101 Speed Setting, you will also need to change the connection speed setting in your Preferences.

The button labeled "Reset to Factory Defaults" will reset the screen to factory defaults. This does not send a reset instruction to the LI101F at this point in time.

The last button, labeled "Close", will close the pane without sending any (more) information to the LI101F.

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Paul Bender