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Hardware Support: Powerline Controllers

This page describes how to configure JMRI to talk to Powerline controllers, e.g. X10, Insteon, DMX.

Supported Hardware

The Powerline compatibility page shows which Adapters are supported by JMRI.


JMRI Lights work intuitively with Powerline devices. When a JMRI Light is set "ON", a command is sent to the remote device to set it "ON". Ditto for "OFF".

There's also support for dimming (variable brightness) Lights. See the JMRI "Light Control" page for more information on this.

JMRI Turnouts are available for X10. When the JMRI Turnout is set to "THROWN", a command is sent to the remote device to set it to "BRIGHT". This is an immediate, full-power on.
When the Turnout is set to "CLOSED", the remote device is sent a command to go "OFF". Depending on the X10 hardware, this may be either an immediate off, or be slowly dimmed.

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For information on how to address your equipment via JMRI see the Powerline Names Help page for X10.