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Hardware Support: DCC Specialties Products DCC Specialties makes ( made? ) several powerful controllers for model railroads. Their two switch motor controllers are called the Hare and Wabbit. They also make an intelligent block detector called the Block Watcher, and the powerful PSX and PSX-AR power controllers.

These can do a lot of things, but it can require some work to configure them.


Website links inaccessible as of 2022/12/29

Third Party info

Brett Scott and Denny Whitaker have written JMRI scripts to assist with programming these, and provided a nice writeup of how to use them. The writeup also covers how they document their layout, and discusses the pros and cons of several ways of connecting the Hare and Wabbit.

You can download their scripts from the JMRI website, and it also available in the sample scripts directory in the JMRI downloads.