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Hardware Support: MRC/GaugeMaster Prodigy Advanced2

Please download the latest JMRI release to get the most recent version of JMRI's MRC/GaugeMaster support. Support for MRC Prodigy is available starting with JMRI version 3.9.1.

In the UK the MRC systems is rebranded, rebadged and sold by Gaugemaster. The two systems are exactly the same in operation and components.


JMRI can connect to an MRC Prodigy Advanced2 command station via the USB Computer interface (MRC:1516 or Gaugemaster:DCC55). This has been tested with the wired and wireless versions of the interface.

JMRI should be able to support all of the MRC Prodigy range of systems, however it has only been tested and developed with the Advanced2.


To configure the connection:

Programming, Turnout, Throttle and Power support is available for a JMRI-connected Prodigy unit.

Programming Decoders

JMRI provides full support for the reading/writing of decoders on the Programming along with the ability to write changes to a decoder "On the Main".

Please note that the Prodigy Command Station will automatically determine the programming mode (ie. Direct Byte/Direct Bit/Paged).


The JMRI interface supports both 28 & 128 speed steps and all 28 functions.
If another handset has control of the same Locomotive that a JMRI Throttle has, the changes made by the second Throttle will be reflected on the JMRI Throttle.

Support for 14 speed steps has NOT been included.
Consisting is NOT currently supported


MRC-connected Turnouts have System Names like "MT123", where "M" is the name for MRC System, "T" means Turnout, and "123" is the address.

MRC Routes

Triggering of MRC system Routes is supported in JMRI. This is done by adding a Turnout with the Route number + 1000, eg. for MRC Route 15, you would add a JMRI Turnout with an address of MRT1015.

JMRI does not support editing/adding/removal of system Routes stored in the MRC.

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