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Hardware Support: QSI Quantum Programmer

JMRI can use a QSI Solutions Quantum Programmer module to read and write CV's in DCC decoders.

The Quantum Programmer hardware is capable of driving one (low-current) locomotive in "Ops Mode". This lets the user run the engine, test the lights, etc. JMRI does not yet have code to do this, but if there's enough interest we can certainly add it.


We currently don't have enough information to download sounds to the decoder through the Quantum Programmer. If we get the information, we'll certainly write this code.

Note that when using JMRI with the Quantum Programmer, the Quantum CV Manager (Windows only) program must not be running. If it is, you'll get obscure errors and JMRI won't be able to access the decoder.

Supported Hardware


JMRI and the Quantum Programmer generally work well with QSI decoders. Some people have had trouble using JMRI and the Quantum Programmer with non-QSI decoders, particularly other kinds of sound decoders. In those cases, the solution has usually been to use a programming track booster such as the PowerPax or PTB-100.


Driver Installation

To access the Quantum Programmer from JMRI, you need to install a driver on your computer. This section describes how to do that for several popular computer types.


For JMRI to talk to the Quantum Programmer, a driver has to be installed so that the Quantum Programmer appears to be a serial port (a Virtual Com Port, or VCP). These drivers are compatible with the most recent version of the QSI Quantum Programmer software, so you can alternate between using JMRI and the Quantum Programmer application (though not at the same time, of course).

Max Ettinger has provided detailed instructions for how to install these.

Mac OS X

  1. Download the installation file for the Mac OS X driver. This is a disk image (.dmg) file that should open as a new Finder window. If not, double click on it.
  2. Double-click on the installer and follow the directions.
  3. Restart your computer.

You should now be able to start a JMRI application and access the Quantum Programmer. It will appear as "Quantum Programmer" in the Preferences windows.


This is still being worked on.

  1. Download the installation file for the Linux driver. This is a .tar archive file.
  2. Expand the archive to somewhere convenient, and change directory to there.
  3. Try running the installer via either
            sudo ./load_qsi_prog

Configure the Quantum Programmer Support

You configure JMRI to use a Quantum Programmer similarly to the way all other Connection types are configured.

  1. Start DecoderPro
  2. Select the "Preferences..." item from the "Edit" menu on the main window.
  3. On the Connections tab, select "Quantum Programmer" as the System Manufacturer.
  4. Select "QSIProgrammer" as the System Connection to use.
  5. The rest of the options are fixed, and can't be changed.
  6. Click the "Save" button. When prompted, allow to quit & restart the program.

DecoderPro is now configured. Restart it, and you should be ready to use the Quantum Programmer.