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JMRI: Glossary

This page is the JMRI Glossary, providing brief definitions for JMRI-specific terms, and links to additional information.
Feel free to submit suggestions for improvements or additions to JMRI users at, posts titled "Glossary".

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App JMRI term (US) Meaning Deutsch Italiano Français UK English Dansk
All Block A section of track whose occupancy may be individually monitored ... (Strecken)Block/ Blöcke Blocco/Blocchi Canton Blok
All Comments Kommentar Commento Commentaire Kommentar
All Light JMRI output bits that function as on/off switches. When 'Enabled', a Light will respond to changes of its control Sensor, Turnout or Fast Clock. Variable Lights display different intensities (with a special output decoder). Either a Light or a Turnout, but not both, can control a specific digital output bit (address). ... Licht Luce Lumière Lys
All Log Logbuch/ Logdatenerfassung Log
All Memory (Variable) JMRI software object that can hold any type of contents, like a string of text or an image. Logix can test - and set - the contents of a Memory Variable. Panels can display them. ... Speicher Variabili in Memoria Mémoire Hukommelse/ Memory
All Reporter JMRI software object representing information reported back from the layout. It can contain arbitrary information, unlike a Sensor. Each Reporter is associated with some specific source of information on the layout. ... Melder Reporter Rapport Reporter
All Script A series of prewritten instructions to operate (parts of) JMRI. ... Ablauf(-programm/ datei)/-skript Script Script Script
All Script Entry A series of instructions stored on disk and read into JMRI to interpret, written in the Python language. ... Skripteingabe Ingresso Script
All Sensor JMRI input from the layout, used to represent the state of a block occupancy detector, a pushbutton on the fascia etc. A Sensor can be either ACTIVE or INACTIVE (or UNKNOWN). ... Detektor Sensore Capteur Sensor
All System Name A unique name referring to one device/input etc. in JMRI, either physically present on the layout or virtually in software only ... Systemname Nome Sistema Nom Système System Navn
All Turnout 1. A mechanical installation enabling railway trains to be guided from one track to another.
2. In JMRI: any On/Off output to the layout, controlled via DCC accessory decoders. The individual output pins on a C/MRI system are also called Turnouts. The two states of the output are called 'Closed' (off, inactive, not commanded state) and 'Thrown' (on, active, commanded state). To report feedback from the layout, Sensor inputs may be assigned to a Turnout. ...
Weiche Scambio Aiguillage Point Sporskifte
All User Name A readable name referring to an item in JMRI, that may be changed and even reused for other items ... Nutzername Nome Utente Nom Utilisateur Bruger Navn
DP Direct Bit Direkt Bit (bitweisen Zugriff)
DP Direct Byte Direkt Byte (Bytezugriff )
DP Locomotive Lok(omotive) (f) Loco Locomotive Engine Lokomotive
DP Owner Eigner Proprietario Propriétiare
DP Paged Mode Paged (seitenweise)
DP Programmer Programmierer Programmatore Programmeur Programmer
DP Programming Track Programmiergleis Binario di Programmazione Programmerings Spor
DP Programming on Main Betriebsgleis Programmazione in Linea Programmering på Anlægget
DP Reset Zurückstellen (nach Fabrikswerte) Reset Réinitialiser
DP Roster Lokpark(eintrag) Elenco Loco (Roster) Inventaire Loko Bibliotek
DP Step Stufe Niveau
Logix Conditional Bedingung(ssatz) Conditional
Logix Logix JMRI software objects that monitor one or more conditions on a layout, and take action when these conditions change in a user-specified way to control outputs on the layout. ... Logix Logix Logix
NX Interlocking Verriegelung
NX Lock Gleisschloss Lock
NX to Lock verriegeln
Ops Arrival Track Einfahrgleis
Ops Build (Train) Bauen/ Zusammenstellen Crea Assembler
Ops Build Report Zugbaubericht Report Costruzione Rapport d'Assemblage
Ops Caboose Zugschlusswagen
Ops Car Wagen Carro Wagon Waggon Vogn
Ops Classification/ Interchange Sortier/ Auswechselbahnhof Classificazione/ Interscambio Classification/ échanges
Ops Conductor Zugbegleiter
Ops Departure Track Abfahrtgleis Voie de départ
Ops Detail Level Detaillierungsstufe Livello Dettagli Niveau de Détail
Ops Dispatcher Menu (needs Transits) Leitstelle Dispatcher Dispatcheur
Ops Dispatcher Role assigned during an operating session Fahrdienstleiter Répartiteur
Ops Empties Leerwagen Vide
Ops Final Destination Endziel Destinazione Dernièr
Ops Hazardous Gefahrgüter Carichi Pericolosi Dangereux
Ops Loads Volladen Charges
Ops Location Ort Località Emplacement Lokation
Ops Logo Logo Logo Logo
Ops Manifest Ladungsverzeichnis Manifest/Folio Ordini Treno Manifeste
Ops Move Apply one step for a train, moving it to the next Location (Button) Schritt Muovi Déplacer Flyt
Ops Operations (menu) JMRI module allowing you to create computer generated train Manifests for your railroad following predefined criteria. ... Betrieb Esercizio Exploitations Operationer
Ops Pick Up Abhol(en) Collecte
Ops Restore Zurückstellen (nach Fabrikswerte) Restaurer
Ops Route (ops) A series of Locations and Tracks where cars can be picked up or set out. Trains are assigned to Routes, optionally following a Time Table. ... (see PP) Fahrstrecke Itinerario Itinéraire/Chemin (Trains) Rute
Ops Routing Fahrstreckenplanung
Ops Section A set of adjacent Blocks that may be allocated to a train traveling in a given direction. ... Bereich Sezione Section Sektion
Ops Set Out Abstell(en) Dépose
Ops Spur Raccordo Embranchement Spor
Ops Staging Schattenbahnhof Coulisse Opbevaring
Ops Stop Anhalten
Ops Switch List Rangierliste Liste des Manœvres
Ops Switcher Rangierlok/-zug
Ops Terminate(d) Beende(t) Terminer
Ops Time Table 1. On US railroads under timetable and train order (TT&TO) operation: a predetermined operating plan (the timetable) unless superseded by train orders conveyed to the train from the dispatcher, through local intermediaries. ...
2. In JMRI OperationsPro: a table defining which trains will run on any given day of the week. ...
Fahrplan/Kursbuch Tabella Orario Horaire
Ops Track Gleis Binario Voie Spor
Ops Train Zug Train Train
Ops Transit Verbindung Transit
Ops Warrant 1. Permission to authorize a train's use of the main line. Dispatchers issue them to train crews instead of using signals. ...
2. A special JMRI Logix with information to run an automated train. Activating it will set the turnouts for a specified Route and drive the train over the route, optionally using prerecorded throttle adjustments. ...
Fahrerlaubnis Autorizzazione Bulletin/Mandat
Ops Yard Betriebshof Scalo Triage
PP Layout Editor A JMRI app for making a smart schematic of your layout while constructing the logic for signals, routes etc. behind the scenes. ... Anlageeditor Editor Tracciato Éditeur de Réseau Layout Editor
PP Panel Gleis(stell)bild Panello Panneau Panel
PP Control Panel Editor A variant of Panel Editor, using menus instead of a separate editing pane ... Kontrolltafeleditor Editor Controlli Éditeur Panneau de Commande Kontrol Panel Editor
PP Panel Editor A JMRI app for graphically drawing a Panel and then animate parts of it to show the state of items on your layout and click to control them. ... Gleisstellbildeditor Editor Panello Éditeur de Panneaux Panel Editor
PP Programming Mode Programmiermodus Programmerings Tilstand
PP Route (PP) A collection of Turnouts and/or Sensors whose states may be set all at once. When triggered, you can set it up to play a sound or run a script. ... (see Ops) Weichenstraße Itinerario Itinéraire Rute
PP Symbol Zugsymbol Icona Treno Icône Train
Prefs Connection Verbindung Connessione Connexion Forbindelse
Prefs Defaults Tab showing preferred Connection for each tool (note I18N) Vorzug Défauts Standard
Signals Dark Unbeleuchtet Spento Éteint Mørk
Signals Signal (Head) Appearance Signalart Stato État Tilstand
Signals Signal (Mast) Aspect One of a series of allowed options for the visual pattern of a Signal Mast using one or more Signal Heads or Arms to convey a speed or route Indication to the engineer. Eg. the "Stop" Aspect has a meaning: "Stop the train". Each aspect has an associated "indication" (set of lights or arms) and both are in the Rule Book. ... Signalbegriff Aspetto Aspect Aspekt
Signals Signal Head Individual signal unit on a lit or semaphore Signal Mast. It shows exactly one Appearance, generally a color (though not always, e.g. semaphores) set by JMRI e.g. 'Red' or 'Flashing Yellow'. ... Signalschirm Vela Segnale Tête Signal Signal Hoved
Signals Signal Mast An entire railroad signal with one or more Signal Heads, showing an Aspect to manage the flow of the Trains. ... Signalmast Stante Segnale Mât Signal Signal Mast
Signals Simple Signal Logic (SSL) A JMRI tool that provides ABS-type logic to drive the signals on your layout ... Einfache Signallogik Logica Segnali Semplificata Logique Simple Signal Simpel Signal Logik
Tools Consist(tool) ... Mehrfachtraktion(-swerkzeug) (Strumento) Consist Couplage Forspand(s Værktøj)
Tools Fast Clock ... Betriebsuhrzeit Orologio Accellerato Horloge (Rapide) Modeltids Ur
Tools Power Tool to turn the DCC Rail A/B voltage On or Off... Stromversorgung Alimentazione Alimentation Voie Power Kontrol
Tools Speedometer Laufzeitmonitor Tachimetro Calculateur Vitesse Speedometer
Tools Throttle Tool to run a DCC decoder equipped Locomotive using a computer or smartphone for control instead of a hand-held throttle.... Fahrregler Palmare Régulateur Kørekontrol
I18N Actions Handlungen Azioni Actions
I18N Debug Fehlersuch(-werkzeuge) Débogage Fejlfinding
I18N Audio Audio(datei) Audio
I18N Backup Sicherungskopie(datei) Sauvegarde
I18N Add Füge (hin)zu Aggiungi Ajouter Tilføj
I18N Apply Anwenden Applica Appliquer
I18N Button (Icon) Knopf(bild) Bouton
I18N Cancel Abbrechen Annula Annule Fortryd
I18N Default Standardwert Défaut
I18N Delete Lösche Cancella Supprimer/Eff(-acer) Slet
I18N Deselect (All) Uncheck (Check Box) (Alle) Abwählen (Kontrollkästchen) Azzera (Tutti) (Tout) Effacer
I18N Directory Verzeichnis Répertoire
I18N Export Exportiere Esporta Exporter Eksporter
I18N File Datei Fichier
I18N Help Hilfe Aiuto Aide Hjælp
I18N Hide Ausblenden Nascondi Cacher Skjul
I18N Icon Grafik/ Sinnbild Icône (m)
I18N Import Importiere(n) Importa Importer Importer
I18N Layout Anlage Tracciato Réseau Anlægget
I18N Preferences Voreinstellungen Preferenze Préférences Indstillinger
I18N Preview Vorschau Anteprima Prévisualisation Vis
I18N Railroad Bahngesellschaft Réseau
I18N Save Speichere Salva Sauvegarder/ Enregistrer Gem
I18N Select (All) (Alle) Markieren/Anwählen Seleziona (Tutti) (Tout) Sélectionner Vælg alt
I18N Show Einblenden (Zeige?) Montrer Vis
I18N Start Starte Start Démarrer Start
I18N Stop Beenden Esci Arrêter Stop
I18N Tab Reiter Volet
I18N -Table -Tabelle Tabello Tableau de- Tabeller
I18N to Load Einlesen/Lese ein Charger
I18N Tools (menu) Werkzeuge Strumenti Outils Værktøjer
I18N Update Aktualisiere
I18N Verify Überprüfe
I18N Window Fenster Finestra Fenêtre