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JMRI: Fast Clocks

JMRI provides two kinds of Fast Clock capability:

This help page describes the overall structure.

There are two different parts to consider: A "Timebase" provides the basic time information, while one or more displays show you what's going on.

Fast Clock Timebase

To create a Timebase, use PanelPro > Tools > Clocks > Set up Fast Clock... This gives you a window where you can:

Fast Clock Display

Once you have created a timebase by configuring it in that window, you can open clocks that will display on your screen, all with an optional pause/run button.

All clocks can be resized by dragging the window edges

When a clock is running, JMRI creates an internal sensor and a memory variable that you can use to control and access the clock. The ISCLOCKRUNNING sensor controls whether the clock is running (ACTIVE) or stopped (INACTIVE). The IMCURRENTTIME memory contains the current fast-clock time, and can be easily accessed from Logix and scripts.

Lights can be an easy way to set up Fast Clock Logic, see Light Controller - Fast Clock Follower.

Fast Clock Setup

Happy timekeeping!