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JMRI provides powerful tools for working with your layout:

Layout Automation

JMRI can be used to automate parts of your layout, from simply controlling a crossing gate to running trains in the background.
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Hardware Support: TracTronics SECSI System

JMRI can connect to TracTronics SECSI system Nodes.


As of 2016 TracTronics SECSI is no longer online. It previously appeared at A archived version of their web site is available on the Internet Archive.

SECSI support will remain in JMRI, but it's unlikely to be updated any further if there's no active manufacturer of components.


You tell JMRI about how to connect to your SECSI hardware via the Connections pane in the Preferences window. Select "SECSI" as the manufacturer name.


The system letter is "V", so for example the first Sensor on node 5 would be "VS5001".