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Hardware Support: Uhlenbrock Intellibox

JMRI can communicate with an Uhlenbrock Intellibox via the Intellibox built-in serial port, the Intellibox II/Basic USB port and the LocoNet™ protocol.
This page provides details on the possibilities.

Supported Hardware

Command Stations

Uhlenbrock stationary decoder definitions (LNCV protocol)



Direct serial connection

IB-I config pane This section is applicable to the "Intellibox-I" group, which includes which have an RS232 serial port for connection.

Configure the options of your Intellibox-I command station to be:

Then start the JMRI program and configure it by opening the Preferences menu and:

Save and restart.

Note that the hardware handshaking in the Intellibox serial port is not entirely reliable, and messages can be lost if you have a lot of traffic. For running a complicated layout, we recommend you consider a LocoBuffer-USB, PR3 or other interface that will let you connect JMRI to the LocoNet port of the Intellibox instead of the serial port. See the LocoNet connection section below.

Direct USB connection

IB-II config pane This section is applicable to the "Intellibox-II", which includes which have a USB port for direct connection.

Start the JMRI program and configure it by opening the Preferences menu and:

Save and restart.

LocoNet connection

You can connect an Intellibox Command Station to a LocoNet, using any of the available LocoNet connection methods.

Intellibox command stations are divided into two groups:

"Intellibox-I (Serial)":

"Intellibox-II (USB)":

Start the JMRI program and configure it to:

Save and restart.

JMRI Uhlenbrock Tools

LNCV Programmer

Since JMRI 4.21.4 LNCV Programming Tool can't find a matching definition

The Lncv Programming tool is located in the LocoNet menu. It allows to discover stationary LNCV devices and read and write individual LNCVs.
Enter the first 4 digits of the device as the Article Number before starting a Programming Session, or the modules will not respond. Once a session is running, use the responses collected in the LNCV Monitor table to navigate to your Roster to access the full functionality of each device. When a matching definition is found in the JMRI Decoder Index, a [Create Entry] button will show. If your device responded to a general call but is not yet supported, the button will read [No Match] (and it won't do much). Once you have a Roster Entry, the button will read [Program] and will directly open the entry tabs.
Check the 'Direct Mode' checkbox to access a row of state buttons to set LEDs etc. on Track-Control items.

The Intellibox Command Stations can't be configured over their LocoNet connection.
Please use the keyboard and consult the manual.