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Hardware Support: XBee Node Configuration Tool

JMRI Tools

XBee Node Configuration

The XBee Node Configuration tool can be used to add XBee nodes to the JMRI configuration.
You can access the tool from the Xbee menu when an XBee connection is active.

XBee node Configuration Tool Image

At the top are three drop down boxes for:

Selecting an address in the first drop-down will bring up the information for the selected node in the bottom half of the tool pane.


There's a 3 column listing of the current configuration of the Node's I/O pins:


The button labeled "Add Node" will add the node associated with the 16 bit address to the list of nodes.

The button labeled "Discover Nodes" will cause the XBee to perform a node discovery routine and search for new nodes on the network.

The button labeled "Edit Node" will allow you to edit node information for the selected node.

The button labeled "Delete Node" will remove the currently selected node.

The button labeled "Done" will close the XBee Node Configuration tool.



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