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Hardware Support: xAP

xAP is a popular home-automation protocol used by do-it-yourself hobbyists through large professional installations.

xAP should not be confused with the Lenz XPA, which is a device for using a portable phone as a throttle for a Lenz DCC system.


Software settings

xAP devices that provide either the "input" or "output" form of the Basic Status and Control Schema (BSC devices). "Input" devices are mapped to JMRI Sensor objects, and "Output" devices are mapped to JMRI Turnouts.

When JMRI sees a new BSC device, it creates the necessary Sensor or Turnout. The full source name is used to create the system name, for example: IS:xPA:xAPBSC:mi4.homeseer.scafell.91:VIOMBoard.Input14GJDRFXEnable The xPA-defined user defined name fills in the JMRI User Name, for example:

 Input 14 GJD RFX Enable
You can later change the JMRI User Name to anything you'd like via the usual tables if desired.

JMRI Tools

JMRI's support for xAP started with a simple script available in JMRI 2.9.5 and later releases. Eventually, a full set of JMRI xAP tools will be available directly within the JMRI tool set.


Third Party info

For more information on the protocol and available equipment, please see the xAP wikiPedia page, or the xAP home page