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Hardware Support: SPROG Generation 5 Hardware


Available as a firmware upgrade to the original Pi-SPROG One, the Pi-SPROG 3 turns a Raspberry Pi module into a fully fledged stand-alone DCC programmer and command station.

SPROG 3 Plus and Pi-SPROG Plus

DCC command stations and programmers with integrated CBUS® adapters (no need for a separate USB - CAN adapter) and dual track outputs.


CANISB Isolated USB CAN adapter

A electrically isolated USB CAN adapter that removes any electrical connection between the host computer's USB interface and the CBUS network.

Hardware Setup with JMRI

Create a new profile. The example shown is for Pi-PSROG 3 hardware. Enter the name and click OK.

JMRI new profile 1

Select the New Profile and click OK

JMRI new profile 2

Click Next when the Wizard appears.

JMRI new profile 3 Make the following selections:
JMRI new profile 41

Click Next to complete the setup.

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