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Hardware Support: Digitrax "Meters"

Volt meter screen shot Current meter screen shot

Introduction to JMRI Volt and Current Meters with Digitrax Hardware

Under certain configurations, JMRI provides a "Voltage/Current Meter" tool under the "Tools" menu item. This tool may be used to display information reported by certain Digitrax hardware.

The Voltage/Current Meter tool can report voltage or current data from any LocoNet device which reports voltage and current information using special Loconet messages. In order to help differentiate the possible sources, each source's data is identified by a name which includes the device type and the device serial number. Each is individually selectable in the Voltage/Current Meter tool.

It is helpful to re-configure the Voltage/Current Meter tool's "Settings" for displaying "2 integer digits" and "1 decimal digit". This matches the tool's display to the precision of the data reported on LocoNet.

Note that the current reported by modern Digitrax boosters and command stations tends to be the "power input" current, not the "DCC Track Current". See Limitations, below.

Hardware which supports Digitrax "Meters"

The JMRI's LocoNet functionality supports the voltage and current reporting from the following Digitrax devices:

Device Typical "name" of voltage meter Typical "name" of current meter
DCS210 TVDCS210(s/n130)Voltage TVDCS210(s/n130)InputCurrent
DCS240 TVDCS240(s/n4567)Voltage TVDCS240(s/n4567)InputCurrent
DCS52 TVDCS52(s/n100)Voltage TVDCS52(s/n100)InputCurrent
DCS210+ * TVDCS210+(s/n93)Voltage TVDCS210+(s/n93)InputCurrent
DB210 ** TVDB210(s/n435)Voltage TVDB210(s/n435)InputCurrent
DB220 ** TVDB220(s/n2117)Voltage TVDB220(s/n2117)InputCurrent
DB210Opto ** TVDB210Opto(s/n435)Voltage TVDB210Opto(s/n435)InputCurrent
* At least some DCS210+ devices report inconsistent data.
** It is suspected that these devices report voltage and current data that is compatible with this tool, but this has not yet been confirmed.

Other Digitrax devices which include the appropriate capabilities are automatically supported. However, where a specific device type is not understood by JMRI, the associated voltage meter and current meter data will be available, via names which include a device number instead of a device name.


The LocoNet implementation which supports reporting of voltage and current has the following limitations:

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