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Protocol Support: IPOCS

For details about the IPOCS protocol, visit the IPOCSMR project website.

Hardware Support: IPOCSMR

The IPOCSMR Connection provides a method of allowing IPOCSMR units to connect to JMRI.

IPOCSMR is an Open Source Software implementation of an IP based interface to control Model Railway objects such as points/switch motors, lamps and detectors. IPOCSMR is designed using ESP8266 as the Wi-Fi link to the object controllers and Arduino UNO to realize the direct object control. IPOCS interfaces JMRI utilizing MQTT and comprises of an interface software running in the JMRI environment, an IP communication software running in an ESP8266 and an object control software running in Arduino.

For details on the system, visit the IPOCSMR project website.


Creating a IPOCSMR connection will automatically register your JMRI instance to accept connections from any IPOCSMR unit on the local network. This is done by registering a mDNS/ZeroConf/Bonjour service that the IPOCSMR units look for.

This connection currently supports Turnouts, turning Lights on and off and Sensor feedback. TCP port 10000 is used on the computer running JMRI for accepting connections.

Operational Notes

  1. The objects username (i.e the username of for example a Turnout) is used by the IPOCSMR system. Make sure that the username is the same in JMRI as given in the configuration of the IPOCSMR system.