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Hardware Support: Using a PDA to access JMRI (deprecated)

This page describes an early attempt to connect an Axim PDA to JMRI, which has some flaws and is deprecated.


For a supported approach, involving running a specific program on your Smartphone, see the WiThrottle page.


Daryl Kruse has been experimenting with a Dell Axim PDA for use as a true 2-way Digitrax throttle. He's provided the following information on how he set it up:

1. Our home has a wireless LAN set up for household members to access our cable internet service.

2. My train computer is connected to our LAN and, of course, is connected to JMRI and the LocoNet via an interface.

3. My Dell Axim has wireless and terminal services client.

4. After staring up JMRI Throttles and turnout control, I use the terminal services client of the Axim to access the computer screen.

5. I can then control the layout with the Axim.

I am using the Terminal Services Client that came installed on my Axim x50v which came with windows mobile 2003 SE installed as the operating system. On the computer I check the box "allow users to connect remotely to this computer" in the control panel/systems/remote tab.

The main, four way button of the Axim can be used to increase (left) and decrease (right) speed and set the direction of the train (up- forward, down-reverse). I use the blunt end of my home made uncoupling pic to address the screen in order to select and dispatch locos, operate functions and set turnouts. All this can be done without ever plugging into the LocoNet.

One thing that is a little bit cumbersome is entering the turnout numbers into the turnout control. For this I have to use the Axim keyboard. I would like to use the turnout table, but every accessory switch that is used shows up automatically on the table. As I use Route control, a lot of unneeded accessory switch numbers show up that I don't need. Is there any way to set up a table that is set with just the accessory switches you want?



For the currently supported approach, involving running a specific program on your Smartphone, see the WiThrottle page.