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Release Notes for JMRI 4.16 release

Date: July 6, 2019

From: Bob Jacobsen

Subject: Production Release 4.16 of JMRI/DecoderPro is available for download.

We are very pleased to announce that the 4.15 series of JMRI test releases has resulted in a version that's good enough to be recommended for general use, including by new users. We're therefore making that version, "Production Release 4.16" available for download today.


JMRI is now only available under the GNU General Public License. For more information, please see our copyright and licensing page.

Update From Older JMRI Versions

If you are currently using JMRI 4.11.9 or earlier, we strongly recommend that you update to JMRI 4.12 and make sure that's running OK before updating to this test release. Once you have JMRI 4.12 running OK, store your configuration and panel files and use those from then on. There have been a number of changes in serial port support, panel file format and configuration options since those earlier releases, and moving to the stable JMRI 4.12 release is a good way to work through any possible problems.

If you are currently using JMRI 4.7.3 or earlier on Linux or macOS (Windows doesn't need this), you must update to JMRI 4.12 and carrying out the migration process described in the JMRI 4.12 release note before updating to this release.

Known problems with this release

These are serious enough that we recommend that users skip this release and go straight to JMRI 4.18 instead.

New warnings for this production release:

Older warnings

See the JMRI 4.14 release note for more warnings predating the 4.15 development series. These may be relevant to you if you're updating from an earlier version.

Download links:

Please note that the download links in this and future JMRI releases link to Github servers. People are welcome to distribute the download files further via other websites, etc. If you want to check that you've received original, unmodified versions, please check the files against the checksums shown below.

Changes since production release 4.14:

This production version is made from test releases 4.15.1 through 4.15.9. The full list of changes in those is available from our code repository.

Hardware Support






Roco z21/Z21



New / Updated decoder definitions

CT Elektronik













Layout Editor

  • Dave Sand improved tooltip handling
  • The Save Location and Size Options menu item is not displayed when automatic location and size behavior is active. See the above warning.
  • Color for new tracks is now consistent within a single Layout Editor.
  • Turnouts, level crossings, track segments and positional points (A/EB/EC) cannot be deleted if signal heads, signal masts or sensors have been assigned to the item. Also, an edge connector cannot be deleted if the link is defined.
  • Fixed a problem with deleting edge connectors or end bumpers that did not have an attached track segment.

Panel Editors

CTC Tool



  • Added "Accept All" button to roster import operation
  • Improved handling of timestamps for the last run and running duration features

Turnouts, Lights, Sensors and other elements



Signal Systems

  • Petr Šídlo updated the Czechoslovak state railway Elektrosignal Praga (CSD ESP) definition
  • Dick Bronson corrected a bad link to an image in the PRR-1956 definition

Signal Heads

  • Fix an XML validation problem when reading files with RGB heads

Signal Masts

  • Better messages when a Turnout Signal Mast encounters errors due to part of its configuration not completed.
  • Better reporting of issues when Signal Mast Logic encounters a problem with a Signal Mast
  • Output Matrix Signal Masts now allow to set a mast-specific delay interval between the individual commands sent to the connected Turnout outputs.
  • A bug was fixed that wrote the wrong mast system name as Comment in the Turnout outputs.



  • Dave Sand made multiple updates to the Timetable support
  • Added the ability to print a train graph. An item has been added to the Timetable menu to print the graph using two pages.
  • New menu item: Export CSV File — Create a CSV file that can be imported into a spreadsheet program. This can be used to create a traditional timetable.
  • New menu item: Import CSV File — Import a CSV file that contains external timetable data to create a new layout defintion or extend an existing layout definition.

Virtual Sound Decoder


  • Pete Cressman updated how Warrants interact
  • Down ramps used by NXWarrants and are also used when speed changes required by signals, occupancy conditions or user interventions occur. The throttle settings generated for down ramps have been modified. The throttle setting is increased by 10% at each time interval. Also, the last throttle interval now is always the throttle interval as specified in Warrant Preferences. Accuracy of the position where the train stops should be improved.
  • A bug where looped routes ending at an adjacent block could be missed by the Find Route algorithm has been fixed.
  • A stop button to halt execution of the Find Route Operation has been added.
  • The dynamic recording of speeds during sessions has been extended. A weighted average of the speed over a block is recorded to the session speed profile. These speeds may be edited and merger into the Roster SpeedProfile according to the settings selected in WarrantPreferences.
  • A bug where a Halt at zero speed would not restart has been fixed. Scripts now resume at any command where the user does a Halt.
  • The "Run Warrant" command linking warrants now executes for all cases.
  • A bug when dragging an unnamed Portal icon in CircuitBuilder might cause a freeze has been fixed.
  • Deleting an OBlock will also delete all other elements (Portals and Paths using the block). Previously when saved after such editing, any warrants referencing the deleted block would re-register the OBlock when the panel was re-loaded. Now such warrants are loaded, but will indicate that editing is needed to establish a correct route for them.
  • A checkBox to suppress the generation of sound commands has been added to the create NXWarrant window.
  • TextFields have been added to the create NXWarrant window so ramp parameters can be modified.
  • Missing help pages have been added to the sidebar index.
  • Circuit Builder has more error help and ease of use features. The help page is updated.
  • 40 scale feet has been added to the ramp down distance.

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