Class SplitVariableValue

All Implemented Interfaces:
ActionListener, FocusListener, PropertyChangeListener, EventListener
Direct Known Subclasses:
SplitDateTimeVariableValue, SplitHexVariableValue, SplitTextVariableValue

public class SplitVariableValue
extends VariableValue
implements ActionListener, FocusListener
Extends VariableValue to represent a variable split across multiple CVs.
The mask attribute represents the part of the value that's present in each CV; higher-order bits are loaded to subsequent CVs.
It is possible to assign a specific mask for each CV by providing a space separated list of masks, starting with the lowest, and matching the order of CVs

The original use was for addresses of stationary (accessory) decoders.
The original version only allowed two CVs, with the second CV specified by the attributes highCV and upperMask.

The preferred technique is now to specify all CVs in the CV attribute alone, as documented at expandCvList(String).

Optional attributes factor and offset are applied when going from the variable value to the CV values, or vice-versa:
 Value to put in CVs = ((value in text field) -offset)/factor
 Value to put in text field = ((value in CVs) *factor) +offset