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Release Notes for JMRI 2.12 release

Date: July 10, 2011

From: Bob Jacobsen

Subject: Production release 2.12 of JMRI/DecoderPro is available for download.


We are very pleased to announce that the 2.11 series of JMRI test releases has resulted in a version that's good enough to be recommended for general use, including by new users. We're therefore making that version, "Production version 2.12" available for download today.

JMRI is now only available under the GNU General Public License. For more information, please see our copyright and licensing page.


Development Version 2.11.4 contained significant improvements to the Powerline Interfaces. Some of these improvements involved a complete restructuring of the underlying code. As a result, previously working Preferences may now show no connections for some of the Powerline Interfaces. If this occurs, go to Preferences and setup the Powerline Layout Connections again. Then save the Preferences and restart JMRI.

In Development Version 2.11.3 JMRI instituted a more robust and transparent system for handling missing panel icon files. If missing icon files are discovered during the panel loading process this system presents a dialog box that allows the user to either delete the offending reference or use the file browser to find the proper location. Older versions of JMRI didn't always fully remove the references to deleted panel icons. Panels which contain these stray references will present the dialog box during the first panel load. If the panel worked fine before, simply choose the delete option for each "missing" icon presented to remove the stray references. Once the panel has finished loading, save/store the panel file, quit JMRI and then reload. As a precaution, we recommend either making a backup copy of your panel file before diving in or saving the modified file under a different name

There have been extensive changes to the throttle code. If you have written scripts that use throttles, particularly multiple throttles, please check to make sure they still work.

The numerical values of "ON" and "OFF" for Lights changed in JMRI 2.11.2, along with some of the other constants in the class. This will have no impact on people just using the program. If you're using scripts with numerical values in them, please recode them to use the symbolic values.

Known problems with this release

NCE turnout pushbutton lock does not work properly, solution is to upgrade to 2.14.1 or newer.

Download links:

Please use these links for downloading:

Mac OS X:



Changes since production release 2.10

Robin Becker

Paul Bender

Leo Bicknell

Dan Boudreau made many enhancements to operations.

Dan Boudreau made the following general enhancements:

Chris Bradshaw provided a decoder definition for the TCS Z2 and DP2x decoders.

Dick Bronson

Graeme Brown provided updates for NCE decoders

Alain Carasso

Chuck Catania contributed a new set of SPTCO-1930 signal aspects.

John Crellin

Pete Cressman:

Nigel Cliffe:

Andrew Crosland:

Kevin Dickerson:

Team Digital:

David Duchamp made some improvements to running trains with the Dispatcher.

Marc Fournier improved the wording in the reset section of the BLI Paragon decoder definitions.

Simon Ginsburg

Michael Greene updated the Lenz Ultradrive decoder definition.

Matthew Harris:

David Heap updated the QSI Version 7 Steam definition to restore CV 51.5 for Eureka C38 4-6-2

Brett Hoffman, changes to WiFi throttles:

Bob Jacobsen:

Lionel Jeanson

Georg Kautzsch provided a decoder definition for the Uhlenbrock 67800 servo decoder.

Phil Klein provided "", a script to cause LocoNet sensors to send their state so that JMRI will update.

James LeFevre:

Stephen Lowens

Peter Mansvelder

Bob Milhaupt

Dennis Miller fixed some help page links

Mike Mosher:

Oscar Moutinho

Gert Muller fixed some issues with international characters and improved the layout of the throttle address field when running Linux.

Jack Shall added the EMD 710G3C-T2 and GE Gevo-12 to the Tsunami decoder definitions.

Giorgio Terdina:

Walt Thompson

Steve Todd

Dale Tripp provided a decoder definition for the Kato FL12 decoder

Peter Ulvestaad fixed spelling errors in the QSI definitions, and provided a definition for the Bachmann Soundtraxx decoder

Greg Watkins provided a decoder definition for the Hornby R8245 decoder

Mark Waters provided a large group of Zimo Unified decoder definitions.

Randall Wood

David Zuhn added support for exporting the entire roster to one file. Menu support (but a null implementation) for importing from an exported roster file.

Ken Cameron

Editors Tables Logixs Sensors SignalMasts SSL
  • Fixed an error in the loading of Simple Signaling Logic (SSL) where an invalid entry potentially causes all of the logic not be loaded and are lost on any subsequent stores. (KD)
  • updated roster printing: Puts the loco icon on the print out, formats the text around the graphic so it looks neater and doesn't run into the loco graphic. Function Labels can now be printed on individual roster items. When printing individual roster items, the user is given the option to select which tabs should be printed. (KD)
  • It is also possible to the select items to print option, prior to selecting the printer. (KD)
  • The Serial port drop down list refreshes each time it is selected, thus picking up any new serial/usb interfaces that might have been added since JMRI was started. (KD)
  • Invalid/missing serial ports that are configured against a device are now shown in red, while valid comm ports are left in black (KD)
  • Catched an error that causes a High CPU Utilisation when an unexpected/abnormal termination occurs in a TCP connection. (KD)
  • The Default tab in preferences is automatically updated when a connection is added, removed, enabled or disabled. Thus allowing you to select your default system on the next reload for a newly added or enabled system. (KD)
  • Ecos
    • It is now possible to monitor the current Speed and Direction of Loco from the Ecos Loco Database and also the ability to Force a stop on a loco (KD)
    • Added to the Ecos Preferences the ability to always force control of a Loco when trying to access it from a throttle (KD)
    • Updated the support to allow multiple ECOS devices to be connected (KD)
  • Sprog
    • Added the ability to access F12-F28 on the SPROG Throttle (KD)
  • Throttle Code
    • Updated the Throttle code so that only a single throttle instance is created per loco address requested, also added the ability to add a listener to a throttle address with out the need to request a throttle in the first place. (KD)
  • Window size and positions are now saved, so that when you open the window in a new session it will return to its last know size and position. (KD)
  • Newly opened windows will now cascade down the screen rather than stacking up on top of each other. (KD)