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Release Notes for JMRI 2.11.2 release

Date: December 16, 2010

From: Bob Jacobsen

Subject: Test version 2.11.2 of JMRI/DecoderPro is available for download.


This is a test release. Please post a note if you encounter any new or old bugs! And please back up your JMRI files before installing this, in case you want to go back to an earlier version.

This is the second in a series of test versions. We expect this series to end in a JMRI 2.12 or 3.0 production release in December 2010.

It contains many new features, including:

along with other changes. See the complete list below.

Some of the changes involved are quite extensive. They may require a certain amount of experience before they are working well. Therefore, this test version should be considered experimental.

JMRI is now only available under the GNU General Public License. For more information, please see our copyright and licensing page.

New warnings for this version:

The numerical values of "ON" and "OFF" for Lights have changed, along with some of the other constants in the class. This will have no impact on people just using the program. If you're using scripts with numerical values in them, please recode them to use the symbolic values.

Older warnings

(None for this version)

Known problems with this release

None at the time of this release.

Download links:

Please use these links for downloading:

Mac OS X:



Changes since production version 2.11.1

Chuck Catania contributed a new set of SPTCO-1930 signal aspects.

Updated OpenLCB library to version 0.3.

Matt Harris updated the system console window for multiple screens

Pete Cressman fixed stacking of a multiple selection in the editors when moved beyond the left or top border of the panel

Ken Cameron fixed a problem with RobotThrottle debugged by Jay Janzen.

Ken Cameron worked on X10 and Insteon light support.

Paul Bender updated EasyDCC consist support.

Jeff Rowe and Dan Boudreau fixed a problem with timeouts on the serial interface. Problem was found using a Mac Intel Mini connected to a NCE system.

Pete Cressman change the editor's drag behavior from auto expand left & top border to stop move at left & top border

Matt Harris fixed a problem during startup when certain options are used

Paul Bender made some internal improvements to the XPressNet support. If you've written scripts that directly use the XPressNet communications, you may have to revisit them.

Simon Ginsburg updated the German translation

Ken Cameron changes the X10 support for dim to use extended command which is a single direct command. May not work with older dim modules. Also may cause cp290 interface issues, not tested yet on cp290.

Kevin Dickerson: Re-creates the serial port drop down list box each time it becomes active, thus picking up any new serial/usb interfaces that have been added since JMRI was started.

Signal Masts now have Lit and Held properties

Dan Boudreau fixed several problems and added some new features to operations:

Pete Cressman changed icon selection in the editor so it's the top one that's selected.

Pete Cressman added signal mast Lit and Held states and actions to Logix and Conditionals

Pete Cressman added the conditional table to the Logix picklist

The numerical values of "ON" and "OFF" for Lights have changed, along with some of the other constants in the class. This will have no impact on people just using the program. If you're using scripts with numerical values in them, please recode them to use the symbolic values.

More work on compatibility with the Intellibox native serial port

When identifying a decoder type, DecoderPro is now smarter about displaying a partial match.

Matt Harris fixed some problems with custom programming scripts

Kevin Dickerson improved the methods for disabling Logix when debugging. The selection in the Debug menu now shows the status, and the startup splash screen gives you more information when you disable at startup.

Kevin Dickerson improved handling of missing ports. Comm ports that are configured against a device but are not found while loading (eg usb adapter not connected) are now shown in red, while valid comm ports are left in black.

Lionel Jeanson added buttons in throttle window (next and previous running locomotives) and fixed a selection bug in throttles list window.

Lionel Jeanson improved the Wiimote driver:

Alain Carasso contributed a definition for the ESU Bachmann 3 function decoder and the ESU LokPilot Basic 2.0.

Steve Todd added a button to the mini web server startup window that opens your local web browser.

Robin Becker fixed the JmriJFrameServlet.sendClick support in the mini web server to properly support objects within Components such as Tables and Sliders. Added support for RadioButtons and CheckBoxes. Tested with Turnout Table and Throttle tools on IE8 and Firefox.

Peter Mansvelder provided info on the S88XpressNetLi XPressNet interface.

Matt Harris improved the script output window allowing configurable automatic scrolling.

Oscar Moutinho provided web-based throttles (version 1.1 of his inControl package)

Matt Harris provided the sample script, for getting a list of available ports.

Ken Cameron added a way to purge cabs from the NCE active cab list. This also shows the last (real) time the cab was active.

Matt Harris improved some documentation.

Kevin Dickerson added a new item to the Debug menu, a tool under development that gives you tabbed access to the tables.

Ken Cameron made a change in the NCE fast clock.

Ken Cameron changed the X10 support to use an extended command for dimming. Some very old units don't handle this, so can only do on/off operations via JMRI.

Steve Todd updated the xmlio server to add roster list, complete with function labels. Also changed turnout list to always use systemname as name, added username as additional value. Also fixed GET processing.

Added readback of the speed, direction and functions for a throttle to the xmlio server. Also, requests to set the power now get a reply with proper power state.

Ken Cameron added the RobotThrottle3 script

Pete Cressman added custom tooltips to the panel editors.

Pete Cressman added an update of indicator track icons from the panel.

Brett Hoffman updated the WiThrottle protocol to allow F2 to follow "lock" setting in roster entry function labels

Pete Cressman fixed a problem adding a clock to a panel.

Kevin Dickerson updated the British Rail 2003 signal definition.

Mike Mosher provided a decoder definition for the ESU LS Select steam

David Heap updated the QSI Version 7 Steam definition to restore CV 51.5 for Eureka C38 4-6-2

Team Digital updated the definition for their SIC24AD decoder.

Team Digital updated the BlocD8 definition file to correct input 5 primary address and default output state and added unoccupied delay time CVs

Alain Carrasso provided a Version 7 decoder definition for the Mistral Gold decoder: some additional CV are made available starting with SW Version 7. Additional or changed comments added. Decoders with SW version 7 or higher are detected as V7, if SW version is 5 or 6, they are detected as V6, using previous version included in JMRI2.11.1.

Steve Todd provided several new files which go into the web folder to facilitate testing and education about the xmlio server and its features. He also added a few links to the generated index.html (delete existing file and restart to see them).

Steve Todd fixed the MIME types for image files from the mini web server.

Kevin Dickerson updated the ECOS support. An additional feature for the Ecos Loco Database table is the monitoring of current Speed and Direction of Locos and the ability to Force a stop on a certain loco.

Lionel Jeanson improved the Roster XSLT support so that it displays well via the mini web server, and shows a button for opening a throttle.

If you'd like to get links to these in the local home page, remove the "index.html" file in your JMRI preferences directory. JMRI will automatically replace it with an updated one when it next starts.

Andrew Crosland updated the MERG CBUS support to respond to track off message as well as emergency stop. Also made some internal changes.

Paul Bender made a fix to the Lenz momentary function support.

Pete Cressman made numerous small changes to Logix and panel support.

Matt Harris added the "" script to export Roster details to a .csv (comma-separated values) file

Oscar Moutinho updated the inControl web throttle, and added inControl.jar, a Java MIDlet for 'Not So Smart' phones.

Added version ID for Zimo decoders.

Ken Cameron added initial support for the Digitrax DCS51 command station.

Matt Harris improved the audio implementation, particularly for Mac OS X.

Kevin Dickerson added F12-28 to the SPROG throttle.