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Release Notes for JMRI 2.1.1 release

Date: January 14, 2008

From: Bob Jacobsen

Subject: Test version 2.1.1 of JMRI/DecoderPro is available for download.


This is the next in a series of test versions. It contains many new features, including:

along with lots of other changes. See the complete list below.

Some of the changes involved are quite extensive. They may require a certain amount of experience before they are working well. Therefore, this test version should be considered experimental.

JMRI is now only available under the GNU General Public License. For more information, please see our copyright and licensing page.

New warnings for this version:

JMRI is moving toward requiring Java 1.4 or later. Certain new features may not work if you are using an earlier version of Java. To see JMRI's future plans for this and other compatibility issues, please see the JMRI technology roadmap.

Warnings from older versions:

JMRI no longer supports NCE AIU broadcasts. This change was needed so that JMRI could reliably read certain CV values. We recommend that if you use NCE AIUs, that you upgrade the command station EPROM to version 2007 or newer and turn off AIU broadcasts. Code has been added to detect if AIU broadcasts are enabled, and a warning message will appear at startup requesting that AIU broadcasts be turned off for proper operation of the JMRI programs.

Indexed CVs will not be included in any printouts for this release.

QSI CV 56.129 Engine ID Access is not supported in this release.

While programming QSI decoders in Ops mode, it is necessary to disable CV 62 QSI Control (Verbal Acknowledgement), otherwise the writes will fail.

QSI CV 64 CV Numeric Verbal Readout currently does not work for indexed CVs.

The beginnings of support for the QSI Programmer device are present, but it's not complete yet

Download links:

Please use these links for downloading, including the "?download" at the end. That adds to SourceForge's advertising statistics, which makes them happy to host our stuff.

Mac OS X:



Changes since production version 2.0:

Initial support for Protrak Grapevine systems, with thanks to Stephen Brooks and Jim Moir.

Dan Boudreau updated the NCE consist support to fix a bug that would cause multiple locomotives to be improperly consisted when the "replace" button was used

The "invert" option is now available for NCE sensors.

David Duchamp and Ken Cameron fixed important bugs in the fast clock support and made some additional improvements.

David Duchamp made it possible to build layout editor panel backgrounds from multiple images, so for example you can build a USS CTC panel of any width from the provided slices

(Most) windows can be closed via keyboard shortcut.

Dan Boudreau added a new feature to consisting to allow the user to get a locomotive from the roster. He also added a verify checkbox that confirms that the loco address isn't a lead or rear loco.

Dan Boudreau improved how communications is handled, which should greatly reduce the number of timeouts on slow computers

David Duchamp updated the Layout Editor to allow the user to resize turnouts.

Jeff Schmalz provided a decoder definition for the Zimo M69 and M690 decoders.

Bug fixed so that you can now enter multiple Light definitions with blank user names

Added a feature to let you insert lines in a communication monitor log, e.g. so you can make notes on what you're doing next.

(Internal item) Fixed JUnit tests so you can now reload the classes without quitting the GUI.

Several updates to the TrakTronix SECSI code, looking for beta testers!