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DecoderPro® Main Window
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DecoderPro® Main Window

The Menu bar

Most of the DecoderPro functions can be accessed via the menu bar.

menu bar

not available yet

    • Reset Column Widths
      Resets all of the columns to default settings if you have resized any of them.
    • Hide/Show Roster Images
      Toggles the roster image in Part 4 of the main window to show or hide

      Show Roster image.
      icon show

      Hide Roster image.
      icon hide

  • Hide/Show Roster Groups
    Show Roster Groups Pane
    Selected group Roster Entries will be displayed. Select All Entries to show complete Roster.
    Note the arrows on the border of the Roster Table. Right arrow shows Roster Groups pane and Left arrow hides the Roster Groups pane.
    Group ShowHide Roster Groups Pane.
    Group Hide
  • Programming
    • Programming Track
      Selects the Service Mode (Programming Track )

    program track


    • Edit Only
      Selects Edit Mode that allows you to edit locomotive roster without changing the program
  • edit

  • Create Roster Group
  • Rename Roster Group
  • Duplicate Roster Group
  • Delete Roster Group