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DecoderPro® Main Window

Menu Bar - Consisting Control Window

Three types of consists are used on DCC systems:

DecoderPro Consisting Tool

The consist tool provides a visual tool for manipulating the Decoder Assisted Consists and , on some command stations, Command Station Assisted Consists.


The Advanced Consist and the Command Station Consist allow you to select either consisting mode if supported by your command station. If not supported the options will be grayed out.

Consist text box: type the consist ID assigned to the locomotives in the consist for Decoder Assisted Consists. For Command Station Consist, this is automatically filled in with the address of the lead locomotive in the consist.

New Locomotive text box : type in a new locomotive address or select from you roster using the drop-down list.

The Direction Normal ? determines the direction of the locomotive travel as forward or reverse when the consist is traveling forward. Will be grayed out until the lead locomotive is selected.

The add button adds the locomotive to the consist.


The reset buttton removes all data for the locomotive.

DEL button removes the consist. The list of the consist will have a DEL button for each locomotive, allowing you to remove any locomotive from the consist.

Delete button deletes the entire consist.

Throttle button opens a throttle for the consist. Each time you select the Throttle, the locomotive will be added to the consist.

Reverse button reverses the direction of the consist.