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DecoderPro® Main Window
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DecoderPro® Main Window

XpressNet Menu

XpressNet Monitor

Opens the Communications Monitor Window and automatically displays the information that is being sent and received on the communications link between your computer and your DCC system.

XpressNet System Information

Opens the XPressNet System Information Dialog.

Send XpressNet Command

Opens the Send XpressNet Packet prompt so that you can type in a Packet: and click on the Send button to transmit via XpressNet to your system.

Send Command


Command Station Database Manager

Opens the Command Station Stack Monitor window that allows you to monitor the status of the command station stack (database).

LI101 Configuration Manager

Open the LI101 Configuration Utility Window.

LZ100 Configuration Manager

Open the LV100 Configuration Manager Window

LZV100 Configuration Manager

Open the LZV100 Configuration Manager Window

LV102 Configuration Manager

Open the LV102 Configuration Manager Window.

XPressNet System Information Dialog

Click on the Get System Info button to query the system (Lenz or other) for system information that will be displayed in the dialog. Click on Close to close the dialog.

System Information

Command Station Stack Monitor

Click the Refresh button to update the display to the current information.


LI101 Configuration Utility Window


LV100 Configuration Manager Window



LZV100 Configuration Manager Window


LV102 Configuration Manager Window