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JMRI on Windows: "The JAVA SE Platform binary has stopped working" error

This page discusses what to do when your Windows machine displays a "The JAVA SE Platform binary has stopped working" error message when starting JMRI.

This seems to happen only on Windows, and only in particular situations. We don't understand exactly when.

(Should we add more info here on which Windows versions, etc.? Does that matter if somebody has hit the error)

The problem seems to involve the USB connection to layout hardware.

  1. If you have your layout connected through USB, try connecting via a powered hub.
  2. If you're already using a powered hub, try connecting directly to the computer.
You may have to reset Preferences after each change of the wiring.

Digitrax PR3

It has been found that this issue is seen when using certain Digitrax PR3 interfaces in conjunction with 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows.

This appears to be related to a firmware issue on earlier models of the PR3 interface. Digitrax have issued an updated version of the firmware that can be installed onto the PR3 interface.

The firmware can be downloaded from the Digitrax website.