DecoderPro3® Main Window

Menu bar

Most of the DecoderPro3® functions can be accessed via the menu bar.

menu bar

  • File

    • New DecoderPro Window
      Opens another instance of Main DecoderPro3 window.
    • Import Roster
      Imports Roster into DecoderPro3®
    • Import Roster Entry
      Open the Open dialog to allow you to select a Roster Entry to import.
      import entry
    • Import Decoder File

      Opens the Open dialog to allow you to select a Decoder File to import.
      import decoder file
    • Import Decoder URL
    • Export Roster Entry
      roster entry
      Exports .xml file for the selected locomotive on your roster.
      export roster entry
    • Export Complete Roster
    • Print Roster
    • Print Preview Roster
    • Quit
  • Edit

    • Cut
    • Copy
    • Paste
    • Duplicate Loco
      Select the roster entry that you would like to duplicate. Enter a new name for the duplicate entry.
      press OK and the duplicate is now added to the roster list. You may now edit or reprogram as required.

    • Delete Loco
      Select the loco that you wish to delete in the roster list, select menu item.
    • Preferences
    • Opens the Preferenceswindow.
  • Actions

    • Labels and Media
      Opens the Labels and Media window with two tabs to set these parameters for the selected roster entry in your roster. Select the Function Labels TAB to edit your throttle function labels. Select the Roster Media TAB to edit the icon for your roster selection.

    • New Throttle

    • Load Default Throttle Layout

      Opens the default throttle that is set in preferences


    • Consisting Tool
    • Turnout Control
    • Power Control
    • Speedometer
    • Single CV Programmer
    • Start WiThrottle Server
            wi Throttle
    • Start Mini Web Server
            mini server
    • Recreate Roster Index
           Recreates the Roster Index when adding new XML roster files.
    • Recreate Decoder Index
           Used to update Decoder Index when new decodeer files are added.
    • Run Script
           Opens a dialog to allow you to select a script that will run within DecoderPro3®.
  • Window

    • Minimize
    • open windows listed
  • Help

    • Window Help...
    • General Help...
    • License...
    • Locations...
    • Context...
    • System Console...
    • Upload Debugging Info...