DecoderPro® Main Window


CMRI Monitor

Opens the Communications Monitor Window and automatically displays the information that is being sent and received on the communications link between your computer and your DCC system.

Send Command

Opens the Send CMRI serial command prompt. You may poll devices on the CMRI serial link, using the Send poll button. You can send a command to the device using the Command: text box and the Send button.

CMRI Send Command


Run Diagnostics

Open the Run CMRI Diagnostics window.


Configure C/MRI Nodes

Opens the Configure C/MRI Nodes Window.


List Assignments

Opens List C/MRI Assignments window. Thsi tool lets you check teh pin assignments of your C/MRI Nodes and print them.


Run CMRI Diagnostic window

Provides a tool for testing your CMRI serial cards in the system using either an Output Test or a Wraparound Test.

Run Diagnostics

Configure C/MRI Nodes Window

Tool the allows you to configure your C/MRI system Nodes.

Configure Nodes