Getting Started with DecoderPro3®

How do I start the DecoderPro3® program for New User?


For First Time or totally new Install. Once you have downloaded the JMRI software and installed it, simply open the program in the usual manner for your operating system. An icon for DecoderPro3® should be installed on your Desktop.

DecoderPro3® may be opened by one of two methods, double click on the Desktop icon and the DecoderPro3® initial screen as shown below will be displayed on completion of startup.

DecoderPro3 may also be started from within DecoderPro From the File menu.:


First time install start screen


Press the starts the wizard..


Press the to continue


Select your system and other options for your system will be shown.


Select your system connection.


Select your Serial port and Command station type.


Next Connection Prefix and Connection Name, At this time leave as default.

Press the


Press the

DecoderPro3® main window is displayed with instructions for Getting Started


You may want to set up the other preferences at this time, if so go to Preferences screen will come up that allows you to set up the system for your particular configuration.