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JMRI Fast Clocks - LocoNet Capability

A Digitrax LocoNet can contain its own fast clock timebase. This can be driven either by a DCS100/DCS200 command station, or by a separate fast clock module such as those made by Logic Rail Technologies. This page discusses how JMRI can either use or control the LocoNet fast clock.

Controlling the LocoNet clock

The "Clock Monitor" tool in the "LocoNet" menu provides a convenient way to:

If you are using a DCS100 or DCS200 command station to create your LocoNet fast clock, you may have noticed that it doesn't keep particularly good time. If you select the "Correct LocoNet Fast Clock Master", JMRI will adjust the rate of the LocoNet clock so that it keeps better time.

Using the LocoNet clock

You can also have JMRI use the LocoNet clock for it's own, internal timebase. This keeps the clocks that JMRI displays on the screen synchronized with the LocoNet clock, hence the displays on DT400 throttles, etc.

To do this, select the "LocoNet Fast Clock sets Internal Clock" option on the LocoNet clock monitor window. Note that you should do this before opening the clock windows so that when you open the clock windows they connect to the correct timebase. Happy timekeeping!