DecoderPro 3® v2.14

Updated 2/26/2012

DecoderPro3® is a Java-based cross-platform application for model railroaders.

DecoderPro 3® can run on any computer system that will run Java 1.6.0 or later, whether it is Macintosh, Windows, or Linux based. It does require that Java be installed on the computer. You can get Java as a free (but very large...) download at:

Note: All screen shots in this manual are from a Windows machine using the "Metal" User Interface option. While your screens will probably differ in some layout details, they will be essentially the same. All programming examples shown are with Digitrax PR3(MS100 mode) connected to Digitrax Super Chief Radio Command Station. Most of the decoders in locomotive samples will be Digitrax, except for sound examples.

Note: This entire manual has been updated to correspond to JMRI® 2.14 DecoderPro3® only, and the HTML verified using HTML4 and Cascading Style Sheets. If the formatting looks odd, you probably need to update your browser.

Table of Contents

Installing JMRI

Getting started

Using DecoderPro3®

DecoderPro3® Programming Modes

The Basic Programmer

The Comprehensive Programmer

DecoderPro 3® Main Window

Error Messages

Thanks for reading, and Let's Run Trains!

Version Revision Date Editors Major Revisions
2.14 Original Dale A. Tripp
Bruce Shanks

Create DecoderPro 3® User's Guide
2.14 8/25/2021 Dave Sand Convert to HTML 5

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