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JMRI Clinics

Past JMRI Clinics

These are links to various clinics that have been presented by JMRI users in the past. They've made them available here for your use, but please contact the original author before presenting them yourself.

At the Amherst Railway Society's 2022 Railroad Hobby Show Ken Cameron presented an Overview and what's new Clinic on JMRI as well as an LCC overview and what's new Clinic.

There were 2 JMRI clinics at the 2015 NMRA convention in Portland, OR:

Les Fowler presented a 3 part JMRI clinic at the 2015 NMRA Australasian Regional Convention in Cleveland, OH.

There were seven JMRI clinics at the 2014 NMRA convention in Cleveland, OH.

There were four JMRI clinics at the 2013 NMRA convention in Atlanta.

Bob Bucklew's excellent PanelPro tutorial is available online.

Martyn Jenkins presented a WiThrottle clinic in 2012 for the NMRA Australasian Regional Convention.

There were several JMRI clinics at the 2012 NMRA convention in Grand Rapids.

There was a UK Based Signalling Clinic at the 2011 Lancashire and Yorkshire DCC Exhibition in Rawtenstall.

There were six JMRI clinics at the 2011 NMRA convention in Sacramento.

There were seven JMRI clinics at the 2010 NMRA convention in Milwaukee.

Laurie McLean and Gerry Hopkins did a clinic on programming sound decoders using DecoderPro at the 2009 Australian Narrow Gauge Convention.

David McDowell of the North Raleigh Model Railroad Club has posted the slides from a PanelPro clinic covering Block Occupancy, Transponding and Simple Signal Logic using JMRI.

There were seven JMRI clinics at the 2009 NMRA convention in Hartford.

We have a page of JMRI clinics from the 2008 NMRA convention in Anaheim. Several of those are available as movies from the Model Railroad Hobbyist website.

Dick Bronson has provided several animated introductions to DecoderPro and PanelPro on his own web pages.
The most recent version was presented at the 2021 MER convention in Hunt Valley MD.

Nick Kulp has posted a PanelPro clinic that he presented in 2004.

Keith Albright has posted a clinic on Speed Matching Locos For Consisting using DecoderPro.