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Hobbyists have created applications that work with JMRI to provide extra capabilities. Many of them are listed here with links to their external web sites and further information on how to use them with JMRI. [Information is believed to be correct as of time of last update. Please report any changes or additions so JMRI community members may make updates.]

AnyRail export to JMRI Layout Editor [License fee]

AnyRail logo AnyRail can now export your layout design to JMRI! The AnyRail layout planning software can now export a layout design as a JMRI panel file that can be imported to Layout Editor. For the details, see the AnyRail documentation.

Crandic Automated Traffic System (CATS) [Open Source]

CATS The Crandic Automated Traffic System (CATS) is a JMRI-based application by Rodney Black for controlling and operating a model railroad. There's more information on use with JMRI here.

DigiTrainsPro (Throttle) Android App [No charge]

DigitrainsPro on Android Phone The DigiTrainsPro Android app now works with JMRI to provide user-friendly locomotive, accessory and route control from Android phones and tablets. You can download it from Google play or get more information from the JMRI help.

EngineDriver (Throttle) Android App [No charge]

Engine Driver on Android Phone The Engine Driver Android app allows you to control your locomotives and your entire model railroad. Speed, direction, and up to 29 DCC functions are supported for one to six locomotives or consists. You can also control layout power, turnouts, routes, and access JMRI web panels and windows.from Android phones and tablets. You can download it from Google play or get more information from the JMRI help.

Mainfest Creator [No charge]

Manifest Creator is an Excel-based add-on to JMRI that can provide train manifests and switch lists in a number of formats. See for more information on use with JMRI.

Model Railroad Manager [...]

Written by Tom Stack, Model Railroad Manager is an integrated system for model railroad inventory, operations, control, dispatching and automation. It can access local or remote JMRI-connected layouts. [This software is no longer for sale but the author will discuss features and techniques used with interested persons.]

TrainCrew [Open Source]

TrainCrew allows engineers and conductors using wireless throttles to add realism to their operations. "TrainCrew allows you to simulate the tasks performed by a train crew while performing their duties but haven't traditionally been modeled by model railroaders, or able to be represented while operating model train layouts." See for information on use with JMRI

Train Throttle Windows App [No charge]

Train Throttle on Windows Phone The Train Throttle Windows App works with JMRI to let you run a train from a Windows computer. You can download it from the Microsoft store.

WiThrottle App for IOS Devices[Free and fee versions]

WiThrottle for Apple devices An easy-to-use interface to allow iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch® users to link to their model railroad with JMRI and other train control applications. More information about its use with JMRI available here. A free version for controlling one locomotive can be downloaded from the Apple Store.

XTrackCAD and XtrkCadReader [No charge]

XTrackCAD and JMRI XTrackCAD is a great, free tool for designing your layout, developed by a group of model railroaders. XtrkCadReader is a JMRI tool built by Giorgio Terdina to take layout information created by XTrackCAD (XTC files) and convert it to a form that JMRI can read (XML files). This tool lets you import your physical layout design from XTrkCad directly into JMRI so you can easily set up controls for the layout you've built.