Package jmri

Interface ProvidingManager<E extends NamedBean>

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      • provide

        E provide​(@Nonnull
                  java.lang.String name)
           throws java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
        Get an existing instance via user name, then system name; if no matching instance is found, create a new NameBean from the system name.

        If the name is a valid system name, it will be used for the new NamedBean. Otherwise, the Manager.makeSystemName(java.lang.String) method will attempt to turn it into a valid system name which the manager will attempt to use. If that fails, an exception is thrown.

        This is similar to the specific methods found in certain type-specific managers: TurnoutManager.provideTurnout(java.lang.String), SensorManager.provideSensor(java.lang.String), et al. Those might be more mnemonic; this one is more generic. Neither is preferred nor deprecated; use your choice.

        name - User name, system name, or address which can be promoted to system name
        Never null
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if NamedBean doesn't already exist and the manager cannot create it due to an illegal name or name that can't be parsed.