Package jmri.managers

Class AbstractStringIOManager

    • Method Detail

      • getXMLOrder

        public int getXMLOrder()
        Determine the order that types should be written when storing panel files. Uses one of the constants defined in this class.

        Yes, that's an overly-centralized methodology, but it works for now.

        Specified by:
        getXMLOrder in interface Manager<StringIO>
        write order for this Manager; larger is later.
      • getBeanTypeHandled

        public java.lang.String getBeanTypeHandled​(boolean plural)
        Get bean type handled.
        Specified by:
        getBeanTypeHandled in interface Manager<StringIO>
        plural - true to return plural form of the type; false to return singular form
        a string for the type of object handled by this manager
      • getNamedBeanClass

        public java.lang.Class<StringIOgetNamedBeanClass()
        Get the class of NamedBean supported by this Manager. This should be the generic class used in the Manager's class declaration.
        Specified by:
        getNamedBeanClass in interface Manager<StringIO>
        the class supported by this Manager.