Class LnSensorManager

All Implemented Interfaces:
PropertyChangeListener, VetoableChangeListener, EventListener, PropertyChangeFirer, PropertyChangeProvider, SilenceablePropertyChangeProvider, VetoableChangeFirer, VetoableChangeProvider, LocoNetListener, Manager<Sensor>, ProvidingManager<Sensor>, SensorManager
Direct Known Subclasses:

public class LnSensorManager
extends AbstractSensorManager
implements LocoNetListener
Manage the LocoNet-specific Sensor implementation. System names are "LSnnn", where L is the user configurable system prefix, nnn is the sensor number without padding. Valid sensor numbers are in the range 1 to 2048, inclusive. Provides a mechanism to perform the LocoNet "Interrogate" process in order to get initial values from those LocoNet devices which support the process and provide LocoNet Sensor (and/or LocoNet Turnout) functionality.