Class MqttLightManager

    • Method Detail

      • createNewLight

        protected Light createNewLight​(@Nonnull
                                       java.lang.String systemName,
                                       java.lang.String userName)
                                throws java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
        Description copied from class: AbstractLightManager
        Internal method to invoke the factory, after all the logic for returning an existing Light has been invoked.
        Specified by:
        createNewLight in class AbstractLightManager
        systemName - the system name to use for this light
        userName - the user name to use for this light
        the new light or null if unsuccessful
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - something failed in the names
      • validSystemNameConfig

        public boolean validSystemNameConfig​(java.lang.String systemName)
        Description copied from interface: LightManager
        Test if parameter is a valid system name for current configuration.
        systemName - the system name
        true if valid; false otherwise
      • allowMultipleAdditions

        public boolean allowMultipleAdditions​(java.lang.String systemName)
        Determines if it is possible to add a range of NamedBeans in numerical order for a particular system implementation.

        Default is not providing this service. Systems should override this method if they do provide the service.

        systemName - the system name to check against; appears to be ignored in all implementations
        true if possible; false otherwise