Class SerialLightManager

    • Method Detail

      • createNewLight

        protected Light createNewLight​(@Nonnull
                                       java.lang.String systemName,
                                       java.lang.String userName)
                                throws java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
        Method to create a new Light based on the system name.

        Assumes calling method has checked that a Light with this system name does not already exist. Internal method to invoke the factory, after all the logic for returning an existing Light has been invoked.

        Specified by:
        createNewLight in class AbstractLightManager
        systemName - the system name to use for this light
        userName - the user name to use for this light
        the new light or null if unsuccessful
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if system name is not in valid format or the system name does not correspond to a configured Grapevine digital output bit
      • validateSystemNameFormat

        public java.lang.String validateSystemNameFormat​(@Nonnull
                                                         java.lang.String name,
                                                         java.util.Locale locale)
        Validate the format of name, returning it unchanged if valid.

        Although further restrictions may be added by system-specific implementations, at a minimum, the implementation must consider a name that does not start with the System Name prefix for this manager to be invalid, and must consider a name that is the same as the System Name prefix to be invalid.

        Overriding implementations may rely on Manager.validSystemNameFormat(java.lang.String), however they must provide an actionable message in the thrown exception if that method does not return Manager.NameValidity.VALID. When overriding implementations of this method rely on validSystemNameFormat(), implementations of that method must not throw an exception, log an error, or otherwise disrupt the user.

        name - the system name to validate
        locale - the locale for a localized exception; this is needed for the JMRI web server, which supports multiple locales
        the unchanged value of the name parameter
      • validSystemNameConfig

        public boolean validSystemNameConfig​(@Nonnull
                                             java.lang.String systemName)
        Public method to validate system name for configuration.
        systemName - the system name
        'true' if system name has a valid meaning in current configuration, else returns 'false'
      • convertSystemNameToAlternate

        public java.lang.String convertSystemNameToAlternate​(@Nonnull
                                                             java.lang.String systemName)
        Public method to convert system name to its alternate format. Convert the system name to a normalized alternate name.

        This routine is to allow testing to ensure that two Lights with alternate names that refer to the same output bit are not created.

        This routine is implemented in AbstractLightManager to return "". If a system implementation has alternate names, the system specific Light Manager should override this routine and supply the alternate name.

        Specified by:
        convertSystemNameToAlternate in interface LightManager
        convertSystemNameToAlternate in class AbstractLightManager
        systemName - the system name to convert
        a normalized system name if system name is valid and has a valid alternate representation, else return ""