Release Notes for JMRI 3.1.8 release

Date: MMM DD, 2012

From: Bob Jacobsen

Subject: Test version 3.1.8 of JMRI/DecoderPro is available for download.

This is a draft release note only; the download links do not yet work


This release created in SVN and built via Jenkins, but was never released to the public. Instead, we went straight to production release 3.2. This page remains as a record of that.

JMRI is now only available under the GNU General Public License. For more information, please see our copyright and licensing page.

New warnings for this version:


Older warnings

This release, and all other releases in this cycle, require Java 1.6.

To allow use of UTF-8 characters (special characters with accents, Japanese text, etc) in XML files, particularly decoder definitions, the default file encoding has been changed to UTF-8. This requires a change to the startup scripts distributed with JMRI. If you're just using the JMRI-provided startup tools, you should be all set. This was done in JMRI 3.1.6, so if you installed that, you're OK now. If you're using your own custom startup scripts, you need to add a "-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8" option to them. If you have any problems with special characters in your existing files, please let us know as soon as possible.

Known problems with this release


Download links:

Preliminary build files (not the final released files) can be found on the CI project page.

Changes since test release 3.1.7

Dan Boudreau fixed a problem with window size on Mac OS X

Added RailStars Limited to the list of decoder manufacturers (company has been around for a while, but the NMRA hasn't bothered to update their list in more than 18 months).