JMRI Hardware Guide: EasyDCC

Supported Hardware


Some older EasyDCC systems may need an update to their program. This is done by replacing the "PROM" chips in the command station with a newer version. Version 207 is known to work well, and version 022 is known to have some problems communicating with a computer. Most recent command stations will be OK.


  1. To connect your computer to an EasyDCC system, you need to connect the command station to the computer's serial port using a special cable. Unfortunately, this is not an item that computer stores generally stock, due to the special RJ11 connector needed at the command station end of the cable. You'll probably have to make this cable yourself, or have another CVP user make it for you.

    For more information on how the cable is wired, see page 134 of the EasyDCC V4 command station manual or page 143 of the V6 manual (a version in a PDF file is available on the web)

    One easy way to do it is to buy a 9-pin serial cable and a phone cable, then cut them and splice them together.

  2. Next go to the preferences panel of a JMRI-based program. This opens automatically the first time a program is run, or you can select it from the "Edit" menu.
  3. Select "EasyDCC" from the top selection box. You can then select the proper serial port in the second selection box.
  4. The baud rate selection box will be fixed at 9600 baud.
  5. The series of radio buttons labelled "GUI style" allows you to select how the program will look. "Metal" is the native Java look available on all types. Other choices will vary with your computer type. "Motif", "Windows", "MacOS" and "MacOS Adaptive" look native on Linux, Windows, MacOS "Classic" and Mac OS X respectively.
  6. In the bottom selection box, you can pick the default programmer format. You can override this each time you open the programmer, so this is here just for convenience.
  7. Click "Save". You'll be asked if it's OK for the program to quit, click "Yes".
  8. Restart the program. You should be up and running.


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