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JMRI® current DecoderPro v4.x
PanelPro™ v4.x
OperationsPro™ v4.x
DispatcherPro™ v4.x
General Set Up v4.x
JMRI® v3.10 DecoderPro3 v3.6
DecoderPro® v3.6
OperationsPro™ v3.6-3.10
JMRI® v2.14
JMRI® v2.14.1
DecoderPro 3 v2.14 Printable PDF (6.7MB)

Updated 12/30/2015

JMRI® Applications

JMRI is a Java-based cross-platform program suite for model railroaders.
It contains modular applications for:

If this is your first visit to our manual, we suggest that you take the Decoder Pro® tour at
to get an overview of what we're about to cover.

All this capability is contained in one install.

System Requirements

JMRI® requires that Java be installed, whether your computer is Mac, Windows, or Linux based.

Version 2.12 can run on any computer system that will run Java 1.5 or later.
Version 2.14.1 requires Java 1.5 (or 1.6 if you wish for drag & drop)
Version 3.10.1 requires Java 1.7 or later.
Version 4.2 requires Java 1.8.

More on Java versions and hardware requirements.
Get the latest Java as a free download at: