Release Notes for JMRI 1.3.10 developer release

Date: March 6, 2004

From: Bob Jacobsen

Subject: Test version 1.3.10 of JMRI/DecoderPro is available for download.


  • This is a test release.
  • Please post a note if you encounter any new or old bugs!
  • Please back up your JMRI files before installing this, in case you want to go back to an earlier version.

New warnings:

  • none

Older warnings for the 1.3 series of test versions:

  • There is no OS/2 version of this test release because our OS/2 test machine is no longer online. If you have a suitable OS/2 machine and are willing to host our release testing, please let me know.
  • If you are building your own copy of the program from the source code using Ant, please make sure to update the build.xml file. There have been some changes in the build procedure during the 1.3.9 build.
  • These downloads are significantly larger than version 1.3.5 and previous. This is due to the addition of a help system starting in test version 1.3.8.
  • LocoNet sensor numbering has been changed starting in version 1.3.4! This will effect people who have panel files (.xml files containing panel definition) for LocoNet block occupancy sensors. The sensor numbers now start with 1, not 0, so you'll have to edit the panel files to change e.g. LS0 to LS1, LS23 to LS24, etc. This does not effect input via other (non-LocoNet) protocols, including C/MRI, NCE AIU, etc. If you use LocoNet sensor numbers for the Speedometer, you'll have to increase them by one also.
  • If you have pre-1.2.3 roster entries that use Zimo decoder definitions, you'll have to recreate them. The Zimo decoder definitions have been completely reworked in a better organization starting with test version 1.2.3.

Changes since test version 1.3.9:

  • Soundtraxx DSD, DSX, LC decoders updated by Robin Becker
  • Bug where decoders that differ only in family name, esp. certain NCE decoders, could not be properly selected.
  • Roco LocoMouse has now been tested to work (Paul Bender)
  • QSI decoder in the Lionel Challenger now identifies (Walter Thompson) Additional QSI models added using identification info provided by Randy Jones.
  • Tooltips now displayed in the decoder-selection tree from the comments in the definition files (Jack Shall)
  • Tooltips added to some NEC, Digitrax decoders (Jack Shall)
  • New TCS M1 decoder definition contributed by Eddie Delozier.
  • Lenz sensor inputs now supported (Paul Bender)
  • Problem with Lenz throttles in top part of speed range corrected (Paul Bender)

Download links:

Please use these links for downloading, including the "?download" at the end. That adds to SourceForge's advertising statistics, which makes them happy to host our stuff.