Release Notes for JMRI 1.1.14 test release

Date: May 31, 2003

From: Bob Jacobsen

Subject: JMRI/DecoderPro test version 1.1.14 is now available


Changes since 1.1.13:

  • Speedometer will now accept distances with and without decimal points
  • Fix Digitrax 1x3 default values for BEMF CVs (thanks to Bob Blackwell)
  • SlotMonitor now has option to show/not show system slots 0, 120-127. By default, these are not shown.
  • NCE N12 series decoder definitions (thanks to Jim Scorse)
  • Automation classes got an update to include handling of yellow signals
  • Menu item(s) added to print list of defined decoders
  • Tools and support for Digitrax multiple decoder proposal:
    • Experimental panel in the tools menu
    • CVs defined for the Digitrax 163 family

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