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Using JMRI® to Operate Trains

Operations Modify Locations by Car Type Window

This tool can opens from the Locations window Tool menu. Use this tool to quickly modify the type of cars your locations and tracks will service. Very useful when adding a new car type to your roster.

by Car

Menu Bar


  • Print Locations by Car Type
    Opens system printer dialog
  • Preview Locations by Car Type
    Opens the list in printer previw window



First select the car type you wish to modify from the drop-down list. When the type is selected notice that all cars of that type at the locations selected will be checked.

Select or deselect the locations and tracks you want to service, and press to modify your locations and tracks.

You can also Copy how an existing car is serviced by your locations and apply those rules to another car. To make a car behave like another, first select the car you would like to copy, then select the Copy , the car type will now appear to the right of the checkbox, then select the type of car you want to modify, and press to have both car types serviced by the same locations and tracks.