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Decoder Definition

Getting Started

Getting Started on a decoder definition

In this part of the manual we will introduce you to the process of creating a file to describe a new decoder. You might benefit from reading the other sections of the DecoderPro user guide to get background information, especially the XML introduction Intro to XML files and the section on what the configuration files contain Configuration files .

The easiest way to create a configuration file is to modify an existing one, so that you can follow the format. The decoder definition is configured per the decoder-config.dtd. (most of you will not be interested in this dtd, if you are open in a text editor).

To get started, locate a decoder definition XML file that is close to the new decoder that you would like to define. If you don't know what is “close”, well don't sweat it. Let's just move on to looking at a definition file and you'll get a feel about what we're talking about.