The JMRI Manual
Installing JMRI
Getting Started
Using DecoderPro®
DecoderPro® Programming Modes
The Basic Programmer
The Comprehensive Programmer
The Advanced Programmer
DecoderPro® Main Window
JMRI® Operations Program
Creating a Decoder Definition
Error Messages

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Installing JMRI®

Preparing to Install JMRI®

The JMRI software package includes:

  • DecoderPro®
  • PanelPro®
  • SoundPro®
  • DecoderPro3®

There are always two versions of the software available:

  • Production Version: The current stable version that is fixed in design and for general use. If just starting, this is the version for you.
  • Development Version: The version that is under development for testing and is used to validate new features and changes to existing features. If you are familiar with JMRI and want to help in the validation and testing process, then use this version.

Supported systems(check supported hardware systems.)

Prior to installing JMRI, you must download the correct version for your computer system.

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux

Installing JMRI software

After downloading the JMRI file, now install using the appropriate Installation guide: