The JMRI Manual
Installing JMRI
Getting Started
Using DecoderPro®
DecoderPro® Programming Modes
The Basic Programmer
The Comprehensive Programmer
The Advanced Programmer
DecoderPro® Main Window
JMRI® Operations Program
Creating a Decoder Definition
Error Messages

DecoderPro® Main Window

RPS Menu

RPS Monitor

Opens the Communications Monitor Window and automatically displays the information that is being sent and received on the communications link between your computer and your DCC system.

RPS Receiver Control

Opens the RPS Receiver Control window, which will detect how many receivers it has and set up a table with the right number of rows.

RPS Polling Control

Opens the RPS Polling Control window where you tell the RPS system which of your locomotives have RPS transmitters installed, and how often to talk to them.

RPS Debugging Window

Opens the RPS Debugger window that lets you look at information as it moves throught the RPS system.

RPS Tracking Display

Opens the RPS Tracking frame that displays two types of things, the measured positions and paths of RPS transmitters and the detection regions used for RPS blodks and sensors.

RPS Sound Speed Monitor

Opens the RPS Sound Speed Control window that lets you monitor and control the speed of sound used by the RPS system.


RPS Alignment Tool

Open the RPS Alignment window that allows you to align the sensors.

RPS Receiver Control

RPS Receiver Control

RPS Polling Control

RPS Polling contorl

RPS Debugger Window

RPS Debugger

RPS Tracking Frame

RPS Tracking

RPS Sound Speed Control

RPS Sound Speed Control

RPS Alignment

RPS Align