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Programming Modes

program mode

Some brief comments on Programming Modes

Paged Mode is an expansion of Register mode that gives full access to all decoder CVs.

Register Mode is an expanded form of Address Mode, and is still used by some older and/or lower end decoders, particularly some from MRC and Wangrow. It is inherently limited in its ability to access all CVs in a decoder.

Direct Byte is another method, not yet supported by all decoders, that allows full access. There are two ways of implementing Direct Mode. The Direct Byte method(s) your command station supports will be activated.

Address Mode is an outdated programming method that is included here for the sake of
full compliance with the NMRA DCC standard.

If you experience difficulty programming a decoder in Paged Mode, try Direct Byte, then
Register Mode, and finally Address Mode. The EasyDCC AD4 Accessory Decoder can only be
programmed in Direct Byte.