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Installing JMRI
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Starting DecoderPro
DecoderPro Programming Modes
The Basic Programmer
The Comprehensive Programmer
The Advanced Programmer
DecoderPro Main Window
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DecoderPro® Main Window

Panels Menu

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DecoderPro is only one facet of the JMRI suite of programs. Another facet is PanelPro, which is software that allows you draw a track diagram and then interface the items in that diagram to the electronic hardware on the real layout so that the hardware can be operated via the JMRI Interface. For a tutorial on how to work with PanelPro go to PanelPro Layout Editor Tutorial. The subject of panels is included here only show what is available in the DecoderPro menus with a brief illustration/description of what these menu selections access. They are covered here because there is a Panels menu on the DecoderPro main window that allows access to some of the PanelPro functions.

New Panels...arrow

Panel and Panel Editor

panel panel

control panel editor

For more information on how to use the Layout Editor.

Open Panels...

The Open dialog opens, select the panel file that you would like to load.

Save Panels...

The Save dialog opens, select the location on your computer that you would like to store your panel file.

Show History

Opens untitled window with History of panel operations


Show Panel arrow

A list of available panels is displayed, select the panel that you would like to display on your desktop window. The selected file will display on your computer.


Run Script...

Opens the Find desired script file dialog, you can select the script that you would like to open.

Thread Monitor

Opens the Thread Monitor window

Thread Monitor

Script Output

Displays the Script Output window.

script out

Script Entry

Displays the Script Entry window, in which you may enter scripted function and click on the Execute button to execute the script.

script entry

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