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The Locations window as shown lists all of the Locations on your railroad that trains visit to pickup or drop off cars and engines. Locations can be cities, towns, or just places where trains need to work cars.

locations list


Id -- Identification number assigned to the location.

Name -- Name of the location, city, locale, or industry assigned by you.

Track -- Identifies the track a a location, a location may have more than one track.

Length -- Length of the track in scale feet that determines the number of cars that can be set out.

Used -- Indicates the scale feet of track at this location that is in use.

Rolling Stock -- Number of cars, etc. set out at location.

Pick ups -- Number of pickup that have been executed.

Set outs -- Number of set outs that have been executed.

Action -- The Yardmaster button diplays the Yardmaster (Switch List) window that allows you to see the scheduled pick ups and set outs by train. Only trains that have work for the location are available.

Edit -- The Edit button opens the Edit Location window


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