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Using JMRI® to Operate Trains

Operations Trains Window

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The Trains window opens which allows you to build trains to run on your layout using the assets that you have defined in this program and save to the various rosters.. This window is selected from the DecoderPro® or PanelPro® main page from Tools-->Operations-->Trains menu or if enabled Operations-->Trains menu.


Menu Bar

The main body
Lists of all the trains that have been built. Each train has a Preview, Move and Edit button associated with it.

train body
Time or Id (depends upon Show option at bottom of window) column shows the departure time of the train
Build column is checked to include in current build
Function column, click on the Build button and Preview button is displayed in Function, click on Preview function button and it opens the Print Preview window showing the trains Manifest. If Build button is displayed, then it will build the train and display a Preview button.
Name column shows train name
Description column describes the trains routing
Route column shows actual train route
Departs column shows location of departure
Terminates column shows the terminal location
Current column shows current location
Status column shows status of train
Action column shows Move button, Each time pressed advances one location on the trains route until it will be finally terminated.
Edit column contains the Edit button which opens the Edit Train window

At the bottom of the Trains window

bottomShow selects if time or Id is shown in first column.
(click on column header for sort by sequence)

Options (selects the options desired for the train list)
Show All Messages Build Reports Preview Manifests

Move Conductor Terminate Reset

opens the Add Train window
the selected train is build and the Function column button changes to Preview when competed, messages may be displayed if build can not be completed.
shows the manifest in Preview window
opens the Switch Lists by Location window

terminates all trains that have a build
saves the builds to disk

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