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Importing Locomotives from Roster


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Import locomotives from roster

Opens the import dialog box

import dialog
If you already have a DecoderPro® roster created when programming decoders, you may import them into the Operations program. All locomotives that are not already in your Operations roster will be imported and a message will be displayed informing you of how many locomotives were imported. This way you can use this tool any time you add locomotives to your DecoderPro® locomotive roster. The DecoderPro® locomotive roster doesn't have the locomotives length, so a default length is entered for you. You should correct the locomotive length if you want the program to correctly calculate your train lengths.

Now we should have imported yoiur programming locomotive roster into the Operations Locomotives roster you will need to edit the entries to add the attributes that are required for operations but were not needed in the Locomotive Roster file when you programmed the decorders.

Engine Roster

These engines were imported from JMRI Roster, so we will need to edit them to set the correct length, Consist, Location as required.
Edit button in the Edit column will open the Edit Locomotives window and allow you to edit locomotive attributes..

Set button in the Set column for each locomotive in the roster will allow you to set the location.


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